After School Programs
Many of our students are involved in extracurricular activities that require parents to be in many places at once. Our goal is to provide the parent with an option that will enrich their child's life. We partner with many businesses in the Plano community to increase their business and make the parent life easier and the child happier. Everyone wins.
Flexible Schedules
There are many times, at the last minute, a student will notify the parent of a schedule change. Sometimes they need to stay late or be dropped off at a different location. We are capable and equipped to accommodate the parent of any last many changes. Our fleets are equipped with mobile radios to notify the driver of any changes.
Special Needs Students
Parents with *special need students are faced with constant challenges. Our goal is to bring relief to parents by providing affordable and reliable transportation. We offer patience and understanding to all our students.
*We are not wheelchair accessable.
Summer Schools and Camps
At Going My Way, we provide transportation year round. Local camps, Plano ISD summer programs, and even students who need to get to their summer jobs can call on us. We even offer students who possess a job a discount for our services.

Student Employment
There are many occasions where the student is employed and need trnasportaion. We know they are ususlly underpaid in their first years of employment, that is why we offer students with jobs a discount.

Doctor Appointments
When a student has a doctor's appointment, dentist appointment, or a short trip to the orthodontic we are there. We will escort the student in to their appointment or meet the parent at a designated location. If round trip is required we can accommodate.

Any pick up from a school must be authorized and the school must be notified.
*We are not wheelchair accessible.

We accept all major credit cards
through Paypal

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